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Books and e-Books

The Family History Research Toolkit (CD-ROM). Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 2008.

1867 Texas Voters' Registration Lists, Digital Images by County

The Civil War Draft in Maryland Lists of Drafted Men, 1862-1865, 2 volumes.

Records of the Slave Claims Commissions, 1864-1867, 3 volumes.

Genealogy at a Glance: African American Genealogy Research. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 2011.

Online State Resources for Genealogy. Version 2.0. E-Book. Self-published, 2012.

Show ‘N’ Tell: Creating Effective and Attractive Genealogy Presentations. Self-published, 2011.

"Chapter 12: Researching African American Families." In The Complete Idiot's Guide to Genealogy, 3rd Edition, by Christine Rose, CG, CGL, FASG, and Kay Germain Ingalls, CG.New York: Penguin Group, 2012.

Legacy QuickGuide™: Researching Your U.S. Civil War Ancestors (Printed Edition). Surprise, Arizona: Millennia Corp., 2012. (Also available in a PDF Edition)


Journal Articles

"Identifying the Last Slave-Owner of Freedmen in Maryland Using Local Records." Maryland Genealogical Society Journal, 51 (2010): 73–88.

"Maryland's Burned Counties: Overcoming the Record Loss." Maryland Genealogical Society Journal, 53 (2012): 203–219.

"Where Are Your Ancestors? Using Land Records to Find Land." The Bulletin of the Genealogical Forum of Oregon, Volume 62, Number 2 (Dec 2012): 6–12.

"Somerset County Citations for Negro Apprentices, November 1864." Maryland Genealogical Society Journal, 53 (2012): 521–538.

"In the Shadow of Rebellions: Maryland Ridgelys in Slavery and Freedom." National Genealogical Society Quarterly, 100 (Dec 2012): 245–266.

"Parents for Thomas Burgan of Baltimore County, Maryland." National Genealogical Society Quarterly, 101 (Mar 2013): 19–33.

"An African American Diggs Family of Prince George’s County: Issues Unique to Research of Enslaved Families." Maryland Genealogical Society Journal, 54 (2013): 269–296.

"The Ancestry of Elder Henry Hait, Primitive Baptist Preacher of Connecticut and New York." New York Genealogical and Biographical Record 145 (2014): 25–38, 135–154, 202–206.



Magazine Articles

"Getting the Most from the Rest of the U. S. Federal Census."Family Chronicle. December 2007.

"Tracking a Household in the Pre-1850 US Federal Census." Family Chronicle. May/June 2008.

"Breaking the Chains: Researching Former Slaves." Family Chronicle. February 2009.

"Sourcing Your Sources." Family Chronicle. July/August 2009.

"Small Worlds: Researching Social Networks." Family Chronicle. September/October 2009.

"Social Networking: Unplugged." Discovering Family History. January/February 2010.

"'Tweet' Your Family History: Using Twitter for Genealogy." Internet Genealogy. February/March 2010.

"Autopsy of a Death Record: What You Need to Know." Discovering Family History. March/April 2010.

"Indirect Lineage." Family Chronicle. May/June 2010.

"Social Security Applications: What You Need to Know!" Family Chronicle. July/August 2010.

"Research and Collaborate: MS Live Workspace." Internet Genealogy. August/September 2010. [Note: the subject of this article is no longer an active application.]

"Understanding Passenger Lists." Family Chronicle. September/October 2010.

"Crafting an Effective Research Plan." Family Chronicle. November/December 2010.

"Using Historic Newspapers For Information on Your Civil War-Era Ancestors." Association of Professional Genealogists Quarterly. March 2011.

"Become a Brickwall Mechanic!" Family Chronicle. March/April 2011.

"Legal Aid." Family Tree Magazine. September 2011.

"Using Common Records to Overcome 'Same Name' Problems ." Family Chronicle. March/April 2012.

"What Do You Teach?" Genealogical Speakers Guild Speak!, May 2012. [Extracts from Show ‘N’ Tell: Creating Effective and Attractive Genealogy Presentations.]

 "Online State Resources for Genealogy." National Genealogical Society Magazine. July-September 2012.

"Using Ancestry.com’s ‘New Search.’" Association of Professional Genealogists Quarterly. September 2012.

"Why I Do Not Use Genealogy Database Software." Association of Professional Genealogists Quarterly. September 2012.


Online Articles:

Lowcountry Africana Research MethodsLowcountryAfricana.com:

African-American Genealogy Examiner (National), Examiner.com.

Baltimore History & Genealogy Examiner (Local), Examiner.com.

Accessible Archives Blog, http://www.accessible-archives.com/blogpost/:

Archives.com, "Learn from Experts" http://www.archives.com/experts/:

GenWeekly.com [Note: These articles are available by subscription only]:

"Using Cemeteries in Genealogical Research." Epitaphs Magazine Online. July 2011. http://www.thecemeteryclub.com. [Note: Article no longer available online.]

"Researching Maryland land records online at no cost." Guest post. Denielle Radcliff Koch. Free Genealogy Resources blog. Posted December 2011. http://freegenealogyresources.blogspot.com/2011/12/guest-post-by-michael-hait-researching.html.

Book Reviews:

Mitchell, Brian. At a Glance: Irish Genealogy Research. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Company, 2010. In Crossroads, September 2010, page 33.

Davis, Robert S., and Ted O. Brooke. Georgia Research: A Handbook for Genealogists, Historians, Archivists, Lawyers, Librarians, and Other Researchers. Atlanta: Georgia Genealogical Society, 2012. In Georgia Genealogical Society Quarterly, Volume 48, no. 4 (Winter 2012): 355–356.